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1965 TriCor Brochure


Colour was introduced in the 1965 TriCor catalogue. The Bonnevilles were given flamboyant Pacific Blue and Silver paintwork. The first batch of 55 TriCor TT Specials had alloy mudguards, like their Western counterparts, but from then on they were fitted with painted silver ones with a central Pacific Blue stripe (source, David Gaylin - though he cited 50 as the number with alloy mudguards. I believe it more likely that the figure is 55, the number of TriCor TTs built in the first batch of 150 TTs built in August 1964, at the start of the 1965 model year.) No image of the T120/C Competition Sports scrambler though it is mentioned as an available model (66 built in total, all shipped to TriCor).

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