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In 2014 and 2015 I spent weeks of effort collecting all the available data from the Triumph Factory Records held at the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC) library in Burton-upon-Trent in England on the TT Specials, the T120C Competition Sports and the TR6SC/TR6C Trophy Specials and Competition Sports. I also have much information on the pre-unit T120Cs built between 1960-1962.  This information is now digitised and I can look up details of specific motorcycles using the engine/frame number within minutes and have undertaken considerable research into these models.


I provide information on specific US Competition machines on behalf of the VMCC. Please contact the VMCC Library team  on +44 (0)1283 540557, email, with quality photographs of engine/frame numbers and the motorcycle itself (if complete) if you are interested in this service.


In addition to providing you with details regarding when your machine was built and despatched, to whom it was supplied, and what model it was recorded as, I can give you additional information such as how many similar machines were built in the same batch, etc. Having ready access to the combined information from the 3 records enable me to analyse it and extrapolate further detail from it which would not be possible by simply looking through the physical records.



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