1965 T120C TT Special Restoration

1965 East Coast T120C TT Special - day of purchase from UK vendor. Ancient Trials Universal tyres, rolled stainless front mudguard. Coils visible. Pattern pipes more angular than originals, making it difficult to route the rev counter cable outside the LH pipe as it should - which is why it's incorrectly forced inside the pipe, reducing its longevity. 1965 TT Special - day of purchase LH side. Silver lines under knee pads visible - should be underneath the tank. Cheap pattern stainless rear guard (Wassell?) 1965 TT following restoration - not quite finished (decals, styling strips on tank, remove logo from seat). Rear shocks from Supreme, very accurate reproductions. Front mudguard alloy - c

1966 T120C TT Desert Racer Restoration - Update 20th August

Following some initial delays waiting for parts to arrive and other third party work, the restoration project is now moving ahead rapidly. Since the last update, the frame has had the tank mount bracket re-welded, together with a Baxter's Cycle sidestand bracket. Grahame has stove enamelled the frame, subframe, yokes, swinging arm and various other brackets and they look great (you just can't beat stove enamelling in terms of finish and durability - personally I feel powder coating is completely inappropriate for motorcycles of this vintage, not to mention the attendant issues with fitting parts because of the thickness of the finish. Worst of all, if it ever needs replacing, it's extremely

1965 Triumph Bonneville T120C Competition Sports

1965 Triumph T120C Competition Sports The T120C Competition Sports variant of the unit-engined Triumph Bonneville was produced in very limited numbers during its production period of 1963-65. Just 227 of these machines in total left the Meriden factory, all but 4 (2 to Mexico in 1963, 2 to Canada in 1965) being dispatched to the Triumph Corporation (TriCor), Triumph’s US East Coast distributors. The unit T120C Competition Sports Bonneville was derived from the pre-unit TR7/B and T120/C scramblers, which in turn were inspired by the 1958 TR6 Trophy and were marketed for the “competition expert who wants top performance”. They shared the same engine as the T120R roadster with slightly lower ge

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