1965 T120C East Coast Competition Sports Bonneville update

Stunning photos sent to me by Charlie, the latest (fourth) owner of my lovely old - and very rare - 1965 Bonneville Scrambler! Charlie is delighted with the bike and enjoys taking her out for countryside jaunts on sunny days. I'm really pleased the bike's gone to a good home where she's appreciated and enjoyed - and won't just be hidden away in some collector's dungeon, never to see the light of day!

"1964 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T120 WESTCOAST" For Sale £20,000 Caveat Emptor!

Just been alerted to an advert for a "1964 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T120 WESTCOAST" for sale from a outfit in Merseyside, for a cool £20k (on eBay as well as their own site). Allegedly from the "Zimmerman Brothers collection" (something to do with Bob Dylan, perhaps? Or maybe AKA The Glimmer Twins? Or even the Bewlay Brothers - is that why it's so pricey?) More than the usual amount of misinformation and glaring inaccuracies surrounding this one... "Fully Restored Rare West Coast competition model". Sure. But the photographs clearly show what looks like a 1964 Competition Sports scrambler, with lights, high pipes and silencers - which, as discussed elsewhere on this site was an East Coast-only mod

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