New Project - 1965 Triumph TR6SC

1966 East Coast Triumph TR6SC - restored by Terry Macdonald UPDATE 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 Dry build work has progressed rapidly at Terry Macdonald's workshop, myriad parts have been ordered (and none returned as yet for being defective, which makes a change!) and the basic bike assembled. All fits together well and frame is perfect - compared with a very original 1970 one it lines up perfectly (despite the misgivings of several Facebook "experts" who were of the opinion that the rear frame had been bent up "for desert racing" - it definitely had not been and is exactly the same as the 1970 subframe and another it has been checked against). New fork stanchions (from LF Harris) and used top and bot

New Project - 1967 T120TT Restoration (Aborted!)

1967 Triumph T120TT for sale - first glance, looks nice (don't they all!) BUT.... Well, I've been keeping an eye out for a suitable Aubergine/Gold first batch 1967 T120TT TT Special for restoration for a while now. As in my blog post on buying a TT Special, I really don't like the idea of buying something that has been restored by an unknown amateur, especially when it displays signs of incompetence or bodgery, as these specimens will nearly always end up costing more to put right than starting from scratch with an unrestored machine or a basketcase of parts. A couple of not very good amateur restorations recently sold for £15k in the UK - which seemed to me a lot of money for what they were

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