1965 Triumph TR6SC -At Home in the Desert - Cycle World review October 1965

Cycle World's review of the West Coast 1965 TR6SC - a Johnson Motors only factory desert sled. This was how my bike, currently being restored by Terry Macdonald to East Coast 1966 spec, started life. They're great looking bikes - but not a lot of use unless you live in a desert. So I decided to restore it to East Coast spec, with niceties such as lights, high pipes and small silencers, and handy accessories like rev counter and speedo - which is what Terry did with his West Coast 1963 TR6SC (see bottom). Altogether much more usable and still pretty uncommon - you certainly see more TT Specials about nowadays than Trophy Specials. However, I've never really cared for the 1965 Trophy colour sc

Eddie Mulder's 1966 T120TT Restoration

Eddie Mulder TT racing in 1966 (photo Dan Mahoney) 5 time AMA Grand National Champion, desert racer and TT steeplechase legend, Hollywood stuntman - Eddie Mulder! Eddie recently acquired the very original 1966 TT below (bought from a US auction, it's better than anything you'll find in the UK and cost a lot less too!) He's restoring it to original spec assisted by friend, Scott Dunlavey, and I'll be providing updates as the work progresses. Eddie Mulder's 1966 Johnson Motors T120TT

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