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1966 T120C TT Desert Racer Restoration - Week 3 (11 - 18 July)

Bit of a frustrating week with a number of faulty or incorrect parts received from the suppliers. This was compounded by further incorrect parts sent out to replace the incorrect or faulty ones received before and has resulted in much lost time. Little progress this week. Terry did manage to fit camshaft bushes and the inlet cam. An inlet cam with a drilled hole for the timed breather (should I decide to swap back at any point) was ordered originally but a solid one received. After several unsuccessful attempts to have it replaced we decided to go with the solid one - if I was to revert back to the timed breather then the crankcases would need to be split to fit the various parts so on this basis we decided just to use the solid one rather than wait.

The keyway in the exhaust cam was two big and the ky would not sit securely in it. Still waiting for replacement though this may be difficult to find.

Bores were good with very little wear, so barrels were painted and loosely fitted to bottom end - still to be completed once exhaust cam arrives.

No further work was carried out as Terry turned his attention to the 1965 Bonneville scrambler in the meantime whilst awaiting parts.

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